The Children’s College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The purpose of the charity is to help promote foreign language instruction and early childhood international education in southern Louisiana. To build upon our 30 years of experience, it is our hope to expand our innovative pedagogical system to establish a Head Start in New Orleans for underserved and economically disadvantaged communities through the International Baccalaureates (IB) curricula and an integrated community partnership to promote education excellence.

 You can support the foundation's efforts through purchasing our foreign language books through Amazon, illustrated by the students of Children's College. Our 2013 student publication is entitled Eight Keys To A Better Me/ Huit Cles Pour Mieux Moi/ Funguo Nane Kuwa Mtu Bora: An English/French/Swahili educational book to empower children for future success. All proceeds benefit scholarships provided by the Hassanali Pira Khatau and Khatija Bachoo Sumar Fund for Excellence. The 2012 publication was Mwalimu mwalimu, juu ya kiwara yule nini? Teacher, teacher, what is that on the savannah?: A Swahili-English storybook. 

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